Company history

Instant Seed has been founded in 2015 by two Berlin based engineers  as a startup in the Berlin suburban region.  The startup is based on a seed coating technology developed after several years of anterior examinations to enable clay based lawn seed coating with a matrix containing a natural nutrition and germination base for the  seeds. It was the target to provide a natural, environmental friendly and sustainable solution for an 'easy seed' handling of lawn seeds for lawn repair, using only 'bio' materials resp. ingredients with no need for any chemical additives. It was a further target of the development to provide a coated seed solution which can be used a 'convenience' product, can be simply spread out into existing lawn or onto the soil without any need to bring seeds under the soil, without the necessity of prework or rework the spreading resp. sowing area.  And with a  coating which contains the complete nutrition base to enable a succesful germination and growth start.  

Since  2015 the company is running a manufacturing plant  in Oranienburg (north of Berlin) with very cost efficient and sophisticated production processes. Since 2016 the seed pellets for lawn are on the market.  

Product history

The basic product originally was planned to serve the home & garden market only. It became clear that the clay based coating may become a solution also for the professional use of seed in agriculture.  So in 2017 and 2018 the company developed out of the 'convenience' - lawn seed product a much broader product range and now services the professional seed market too, preferably for agriculture and subsoil irrigation applications. 


For home & garden applications the product range now includes also coated flower seeds to enable easy solutions for flower beds, flower meadows or simply the balkony or window flower-boxes.  The flower solution which has been applied for patent has the potential to change sustainable the complete flower seed market, because it now is possible to achieve better results with a significant lower consumption of seeds, and additionally with any need for the user to follow flower specific rules for spreading or sowing; reseeding now simply is possible because you do not violate anymore roots of existing flowers  - you simply spread out onto the soil or into flower beds or flower meadows to be repaired. Grass or lawn meadows can be 'upgraded' to flower  meadows or bee meadows, without the need of using tools like plough or mortising machines.   


For the professional use, especially use in agriculture, the company has developed clay based seed coatings which fulfill all requirements for mechanical spreading or machine drilling and additionally provide commercial added value due to the option to reduce or even leave out pesticides or fungicides; furtheron clay is a natural birds and insects repellent and this effect easily can be enforced by adding other natural additives to refrain birds and insects from eating the seeds  -  and this in a very environmental and animal friendly manner. Core products for professional seed coating application at this moment are rape / canola, soybean, maize, sunflower and rice.

Worldbest ideas

Great ideas come from experience and knowledge - and the drive to improve things. Solutions that improve efficiency or provide more benefits are generally perceived as progress but true progress is only achieved when the impact on our environment and resources is also reduced. 


We continuously strive to come up with new, innovative and creative ideas and we use modern technology to master challenges. Our products are designed to help customers achieve commercial success with minor  impacting the environment. 


We strongly believe that great, innovative ideas lead to great, innovative products. Instant Seed coatings are a perfect example!