Our Targets

World-wide the commercial market for grass and lawn seed totals more than 1 billion USD in annual revenue. At least more than $100 million of that is spent on re-seeding products alone.


Our plan is to take full advantage of our superior product and technology and to increase our market share globally by replacing current, less effective products.

The sheer size of the market will enable a gradual penetration replacing conventional lawn seed with pellets manufactured with our technology. Our initial target is the introduction of these seed pellets into the premium market for lawn repair, where the benefits of our exceptional product will be very clear. Europe and North America will be the first regional target markets for Instant Seed.

The next phase will address the entire grass and lawn market, in cooperation with regional strategic partners. Our long term goal is to replace traditional lawn seed with the easy to use, sustainable and cost-effective pellets seed , manufactured with Instant Seed Technology.