Added Value / Yield Increase for Clay Coated Oil Seeds

The coating with a suitable clay recipe leads to significant yield increases.


In external field tests as well as in orientating own sowing tests it was recognized that the clay coating leads to significant yield increases too; in detail we could see:

    -   a significantly improved field emergence (with direct impact on an adequate yield increase),

    -  an improved straw decomposition,

    -  a more even field emergence and more even plant growth.


The comparatively low seed application dosis per hectare for oilseeds such as canola, sunflower or maize means that a significant added value in yield can be achieved with only low additional costs for seed coating.


The added benefit from the birds repellent effect of a clay has not yet been quantified, but will become more important in the future as far as chemical repellents are successively banned in agricultural applications.

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