What you should know about flower seeding  . . .

Seeds of flowers and herbs have an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes; the smallest flower seeds, such as of orchids, snapdragons or Japan roses have weights of 1 to 25 micrograms and are barely visible to      the naked eye and are difficult to handle in terms of sowing.


Concerning seed sowing for each plant slightly different rules have to be noted. Depending on being light             or dark germinators, they must be placed at the correct depth to ensure the desired germination success and should still have good soil contact, preferably with the nutrient-rich components in the soil.



Every hobby gardener or professional horticulturist knows that sowing a large amount of flower seeds means in reality a big loss of seeds, through to dehydration, through poor contact with the ground and through becoming insects or birds food. Up to 95% of the seeds can be lost. Hobby gardeners have the experience that from a seed bag you buy with with several hundred seeds in best case one to two dozen of seeds will germinate and grow ...

Clay coated flower & herb seeds

The seed seed technology of instant seed enables for the first time also for the hobby gardener a sowing solution, with which he can handle and place each seed individually. In addition, the clay-based coatign matrix ensures that becoming insects or birds food or drying out are an issue of the past. And the seed only needs to be thrown resp. spread out onto the soil, not to be put under the soil anymore - ideally for reseeding . . .

The hobby gardener no longer needs to know how which seed has to be applicated, how deep it must be placed and etc.


Seeding of flower or herb mixtures of different seeds now is so easy.

 For professional sowing, the seeds are provided with a durable and wear-resistant matrix surface, so that they can also be spread out mechanically and and even very effective by helicopters or mechanical spreaders for large areas.


 The instant seed coating technology opens up a completely new application and handling range.