Useful to know about grasss and lawn

 Conventional grass and lawn seed is

-  appr. 2 to 5 milligrams heavy

-  appr.  5  to 15 mm long

-  so light that it swims on water  -  and even swims away with rain 


After sowing of conventional grass and lawn seed

-  you can expect to lose up to 80% of the seed due to different reasons like birds, rain, wind  etc.


Conventional seed generally is a mix of different grass sorts  like

-  lolium perenne 

-  festuca rubra

-  poa pratensis 

-  and different other grass sorts


Typical germination periods of grass seeds  are

-  lolium perenne   appr.  6 - 8 days

-  festuca rubra  appr.  12-16 days

-  cynosurus cristatis  appr.  7-15 days

-  phleum pratense  appr.  8-17 days

The longer the germination period the stronger the risk of  losing seed remaining for germination;

grass and lawn seed pellets from  instant seed  protect the seed until germination is visible in progress. 


Typical germination temperatures

-  from appr.  5 degrees  Celsius ( 41 degrees Fahrenheit) the germination starts

-  the optimal temperature range for the germation is from  16 to 23 degrees  Celsius (50 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit)

-  above  appr. 45 degrees  Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) the germination process 'dies' 

-  cold temperatures i. e. for storage do not damage the seed significantly


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