Easyseed -Pellets 

easyseed lawn pellets simplify sowing of lawn by making it easy, convenient, quick and efficient


        -  the pellets only have to be spread out onto the soil, into gaps or into damaged areas;

        -  the pellets germinate and grow where they are placed  - no more efforts necessary;

        -  if the pellets fall on leaves or anywhere else:  . . . it does not matter,  they can start also

           there germination and growth; if they later fall down onto soil by wind or rain or watering

           then they will continue;

          -   the pellet matrix contains all ingredients to ensure protection of the seeds and an optimum

            development of the seeds.



Useful to know about grasss and lawn

 Conventional grass and lawn seed is

-  appr. 2 to 5 milligrams heavy

-  appr.  5  to 15 mm long

-  so light that it swims on water  -  and even swims away with rain 


After sowing of conventional grass and lawn seed

-  you can expect to lose up to 80% of the seed due to different reasons like birds, rain, wind  etc.


Conventional seed generally is a mix of different grass sorts  like

-  lolium perenne 

-  festuca rubra

-  poa pratensis 

-  and different other grass sorts


Typical germination periods of grass seeds  are

-  lolium perenne   appr.  6 - 8 days

-  festuca rubra  appr.  12-16 days

-  cynosurus cristatis  appr.  7-15 days

-  phleum pratense  appr.  8-17 days

The longer the germination period the stronger the risk of  losing seed remaining for germination;

grass and lawn seed pellets from  instant seed  protect the seed until germination is visible in progress. 


Typical germination temperatures

-  from appr.  5 degrees  Celsius ( 41 degrees Fahrenheit) the germination starts

-  the optimal temperature range for the germation is from  16 to 23 degrees  Celsius (50 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit)

-  above  appr. 45 degrees  Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) the germination process 'dies' 

-  cold temperatures i. e. for storage do not damage the seed significantly


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