Seed Technology for Maximum Germination Success

Grass or lawn seed from instant seed can be made out of every conventional seed sort; the technology is very flexible and enables the use of seed mixes too.


The seed is orientated in the axis of the seed pellet and embedded in a natural soft matrix material, hardened for the sowing process.


Once brought onto the soil the matrix decomposes after few days and later will be completely absorbed by the soil. The manufacturing process of instant seed pellets is very kind to the seed and protects the seed even days after having got contact to the soil and after having started to absorb water.


The instant seed manufacturing process protects the seed against pressure, shearing forces or temperature increase impact thus taking care of obtaining full germination capability of the used seed. 


The process makes the lawn seed granulate a very sustainable product  -  the up to 90% waste & loss effects        in the normal lawn repair sowing process with conventional seed do not happen; the  instant seed  process is optimized not only keeping up full germination capability but additionally enabling the seed surviving all processes from manufacturing over storing and sowing til the growing phase    -  you get what you sow!