Seed Technology with Built-In Germination Success

The dream of every hobby gardener is to achieve with all seeds a safe and predictable germination and growth success without having to be a specialist in seeds and sowing   -  preferably with seeds for grass, lawn, flowers and herbs . 


 The technology of Instant Seed makes this dream becoming reality. As long as man practices plant cultivation, it is clear that clay and silt are the keys to perfect embedding of seeds. Since nearly 80 years patent applications around the world reflect the need to look for seed coating replacement solutions because clay an dsilt cannot be processed on an industrial scale for this purpose due to its difficulty to use in hightech seed coating equipment.


 After several years of development in 2015 and after finding and implementing an industrially-scalable clay coating solution for lawn seeds, this solution was transferred to flower seeds in the following years and can now be implemented for any shape and size of seeds.


In 2017 an external initiative gave the start signal to develope single-seed clay coating applicable in  professional areas, especially in the agricultural sector.


The natural  usability for bio-seed coating was a further important aspect to start these developments.



Today, the instant seed product range covers a wide range of clay-based seed coatings. The applications for patenting these inventions and developments now includes also the field of micro seeds, meaning seeds with a few micrograms of weight (instant seed μseeds).

All instant seed solutions enable environmentally friendly and sustainable germination, growth and crop protection, which so far only can be achieved by making extensive use of chemical and biological components.

Grass or lawn seeds of instant seed can be produced from any conventional seed variety;                                 our technology is universally suitable for all grass seeds and also allows the processing of seed mixtures with different shapes and sizes of seeds.


The seeds are coated with a pasty envelope of natural clay based substances.                                                                         The moisture-absorbing natural material coating starts decomposing several days after sowing and later is fully absorbed by the soil.



The production process protects the seeds, no pressure on the seeds, no shear forces and no increase of temperature in the pelleting process - this ensures that the fully germination capability of the seeds  are kept. The pellet protects the seeds even days after they have come into contact with the ground soil and after having begun to absorb water.