The Product of our Technology

Pellets manufactured with Instant Seed technology -  simplified  - are seed pellets which have approximately the size of half a match; this half a match size contains several conventional seeds which are protected and kept together by a matrix formed by natural material. Depending on special needs or necessities the matrix can be enriched with various substances in order to support germination or growth or to protect the growing plant against illness. Grass or lawn seed usually do not need such enrichments.


The matrix material makes the complete seed pellet heavier than water meaning that rain cannot wash away the seed pellets; additionally the weight takes care of a good and reliable contact to the soil, the matrix absorbes water and can store it for a longer period.


Consequently a very reliable and efficient germination is implicit with instant seed  technlogy. With conventional grass or lawn seed you finally only can expect a share of appr. 20% to germinate out of different reasons, partly caused by birds too who prefer such seeds as a delicacy. Instant seed does not taste the birds.