Clay based seed coating  -  pills & pellets

What you should know about clay ...

Clay is the natural basis for the most fertile soils on earth - clay contains everything the plant needs to generate a healthy germ with many and strong roots from the early beginning of germination.


Clay, together with the mycorrhizae as an usual soil ingredient, also forms the ideal nutrient ‘highway’; for a perfect supply of the plant, so that in the early stages of germination and growth all the prerequisites for a high-yielding plant can be created. 


The clay can be enriched with other natural or artificial additives to enhance certain effects, e. g. an effective insect or bird repellent. The clay itself, however, is already perceived by insects and birds as soil and is the suited  way for a natural protection of the seeds.


How you can take advantage of clay coating ...

Flower & herb seed coating

The coating technology up to now was available for lawn only   -  now it is available also for flowers and herbs in your home, your garden or your environment.


Flower pasture, bees meadow, insects meadow or simply the flower bed in the garden with flowers blossoming the whole year:

applying the new and natural coating technology for flower seeds  - independent from the size      or shape of the seeds -  the flower seeds easily can be spread out onto the soil or into an existing flower, lawn or herb arrangement to be renewed, repaired or enhanced. The same for parks or for green areas in the municipal, for pastures and meadows in the agriculture.


Main advantage: simply spread out onto the soil  -  and that’s it: the seeds will germinate and grow perfect as if they are under the soil and in the right depth.


The instant seed  coating technology not requires anymore specific knowledge from the horticulturist or from the gardener about the right depth of the seeds for optimium germination and about growth supporters : the seed pellets contain the complete knowhow already   -  simply spread out, do the watering and enjoy!


If you have had up to now the experience with ‚naked‘ flower seeds being brought out onto the soil that up to 95% never will germinate or grow because they are eaten by birds or insects or simply dry out  -  forget it: with these coated seeds this will be history …


And the whole case with natural ingredients  -  completely without chemistry!

Lawn seed pellets  /  Agricultural greening pellets

Germination and growth of lawn seed pellets

Clay based coating for professional seeds

Soybean seed coating today is a time critical and logistically challenging process. The main components pesticides, fungicides and often bacteria too have to be sown resp. brought into th soil in the next 2 days after the coating, preferably even in the next 24 hours after the coating.


The clay based soybean coating developed by instant seed  opens the option to store coated seeds for days or weeks on a shelf ; planability for the whole sowing process now is given  -  and the clay matrix additionally adds the positive effects know from clay application:  a paradigm change in soybean sowing.


Seed corn pills (single-seed coating) or pellets (multi-seed coating) :

    ·        the seed corns are completely embedded in the matrix

    ·        clay coating performs a natural birds repellent as far as an insects repellent

    ·        lawn & flowers :  no need to bring seed under the soil



Matrix :

      ·        ingredients are mainly clay and in very small amounts other natural minerals


·       the pill / pellet matrix has no chemimal ingredients as far as no fertilizer ingredients too               -  for special requirements further ingredients resp. additives can be added      

·       the matrix is the soil for the germination process starting after having brought out the seed;    seed corns can start germination in the protective matrix before having contact to the soil and they are protected against drying out


·       the proportion between matrix material and seed corn is choosen in such a way that the specific weight is bigger than water protecting the seed pill / pellet so gainst being displaced by watering or  being spoiled away by rain


·       the  pill / pellet mass with a bigger specific  weight  is significantly  improving the soil contact of the pill / pellet  


Starch :

     ·        this ingredient takes care of storing water and is improving the consistence of the matrix in total