Lawn Seed Pellets  /  Rasensamen-Granulat

grass pellets on stone

grass seed pellets  -  germination and growth


Seed corns :

    ·        the seed corns are completely embedded in the matrix



Matrix :

      ·        ingredients are mainly clay and in very small amounts other natural minerals


·       the normal pellet matrix has no chemimal ingredients as far as no fertilizer ingredients too               -  for special purposes further ingredients can be added if necessary      

·       the matrix is the soil for the germination process starting after having brought out the seed;    seed corns can start germination in the protective matrix before having contact to the soil and they are protected against drying out


·       the proportion between matrix material and seed corn is choosen in such a way that the specific weight is bigger than water protecting the seed pellet so gainst being displaced by watering or  being spoiled away by rain


·       the  pellet mass with a bigger specific  weight  is significantly  improving the soil contact of the pellet  


Starch :

     ·        this ingredient takes care of storing water and is improving the consistence of the matrix in total


Lawn seed   &  lawn repair    /   Rasen-Neusaat  &  Rasen-Nachsaat


You get what you sow!        -     Säen,  gießen,  genießen !